5 Things Your Church Should Stop Saying


By Jennifer Tribble

Language is a huge part of your church culture.  If you use insider religious language you communicate to the unchurched in a subtle but very powerful way that they aren’t one of us and they don’t really belong here.   If, on the other hand,  you’re trying to bring in unchurched visitors you may want to consider removing the following from your church vocabulary:

1.Glory Hallelujah,  Glory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah AMEN (X5)

If you cannot get through the announcements in under 5 minutes you may have the Glory hallelujah amen death spiral.

This will literally suck the life out of your services.

It is not necessary to use this as a substitute for a comma or period. Even if you are having a “pot bless” or “chilli cook off”

2.The Overly Christian Coffee Shop

Naming your coffee shop any of the following is unacceptable:

Hebrews (Guilty)

Heavenly Grounds

Common Grounds

The Laugh Supper (actually out there!)

Jehova Java

His Coffee Company

Solid Grounds

Holy Grounds

C.O.F.F.E.E ( Christ Offers Forgivness for Everyone Everywhere)

I love coffee probably more than the next person but coffee does not need to be a spiritual experience, it is ok to just say “we serve coffee”.


3.Hedge of protection, fire tunnel, Shake that bush! etc

Nobody knows what you are talking about.

Please stop scaring the children.


4.”That’s the Spirit of _______” 

Sometimes (well….most of the time) people have issues.

5.”Today is going to be the bestest, most amazing, incredible service ever”

If everything is awesome nothing is awesome.

Resist constantly creating hype, let your truly amazing services speak for themselves and let your people be your raving fans. If your always shouting about how awesome it is and your not delivering, you will quickly loose credibility.

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