Why Training Your Ushers Matters

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  1. i would like to know more about church ushering

  2. i need more teaching on this subject to help my ministry.

    • Carolyn Gibson says:

      I am a usher in the AME organization, that doesn’t matter, but I really need is more education in ushering to pass on to my senior & junior ushers.

  3. Ebuka says:

    i am so grateful 4 this and i am really blessed

  4. Kelvin Ngoma says:

    Our Church set -up of almost 600 members has what we call “SERVICES MINISTRY” a dept that is solely responsible for Ushering (Stewards), Protocol and Hospitality.

    Would you have any teaching / sermon / notes on these two – Hospitality in Church and Protocol? Please if so, kindly avail us these to help improve our work of Ushering and Church membership retention.

    Thank you and God bless you for the articles

  5. hezekiah says:

    I sincerely apreciate your contribution to the office of the ushers. God bless and increase your knowledge. I will be glad if I can get more material on effective ushering.

  6. toni newson says:

    there needs to be more information on church ushering in my experince in going to churches or new churches the members only talk with each other I have been in churches and one member never said Hello not even the ushers the is deporable and I am a head Usher and would never want this kind of behavior demonstrated in my church. church members please speak to people that come in your church you may entertaining an angel unaware.

  7. I am the youth ministry leader for the Jr Ushers at my church. I am fairly new to the youth ministry. I would like receive information on how to engage the children into excitment. I want them to really WANT to usher – not doing it “just becuase”.
    Nakiesha Blue recently posted..How Christians Should React to Starbucks

  8. Patience in Christ says:

    I would like to express that I recently joined our Usher Board Ministry. I certainly am pro training Ushers in a church setting. I have suffered total embarrassment within our church, I have been thrown on the floor with no training whatsoever!
    It’s not the visitors that point the finger at your mistakes it’s those who have been in the Ministry for years that gossip when you fail. The head Usher needs to inform anyone who wants to be an usher of all duties before they jump on board. Her lack in training newcomers as myself along with my personal disasters before God and everyone in the church makes me shake my head. Now we’re having a training class that is held once a year. Well that would have been appropriate to state to me “let’s wait for training” then I would be able to jump board. Instead I suffered knowingly for a cause as God has prepared me in my failure do raise above and shine!

  9. In Christ says:

    Good Morning, I enjoyed this article. I’ve been an usher for about 2 years now and training is truly essential. Do you know of any actual training, conference for Church Ushers? I know that God through the Holy Spirit will teach you all thing, but we still have a way of yielding to the flesh when fires start to flair. I would really like to get some educational information for our usher board.

    God Bless and Thanks in advance for sharing.

    In Christ.

  10. Doris Jackson says:

    I recently became head usher at my church in Camden, NJ. I am looking for a usher trainer in my area to better equip the ushers with more effective training with the congregation. Can you offer anyone local.

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